A first-of-its-kind integrative dermatology practice designed by patients, for patients.

Our Mission

At Pore House we never forget a face. That's because we understand the importance of skin. It's your face, your mood, your motivation. This is something bigger than botox. Our Well-Rounded approach to treatment fosters a welcoming, inclusive environment that sees everyone as special as their genetic makeup and gives you the tools to be proactive about your skin care. Our comprehensive treatment plans enable us to be your trusted coach and cheerleader along the way.

Our Story

Pore House was designed by patients like you. We understand the very real challenges that come with caring for skin: creating an effective regimen out of retail products and prescriptions, self diagnosing when you can't get an appointment, feeling stuck and frustrated when no combination of topicals, ingestibles or treatments seem to work. So we’re revolutionizing stagnant skin care with a breakthrough new home for skin health.

Most traditional dermatologists are bound by insurance and despite the very best intentions, can’t give the type of personal, in-depth care that you and your skin require on a regular basis. And wouldn’t it be nice to get expert medical, cosmetic and topical recommendations all at the same place? On your time? With transparent pricing? We thought so too and that’s why we created Pore House–for all things skin health, under one roof.

CEO & Co-Founder

Amanda Kutner

CEO & Co-Founder

For Amanda Kutner, healthy skin is personal. Struggling with acne her entire life, Amanda grew pretty tired of bogus treatment plans, frustrating doctor’s visits and products that promised a lot but delivered very little. Knowing there had to be a better solution, Amanda made it her mission to educate herself on skin health while also experimenting with various cosmetic treatments like laser, Botox and filler. With Pore House, Amanda hopes to create a community for those who were not #blessed with great skin and to make it easier for everyone to get (and give) the targeted skin care they deserve.

COO & Co-Founder

Alexa Lombardo

COO & Co-Founder

Alexa Lombardo knows all too well how lifestyle factors can affect skin health. A self-described workaholic, Alexa has always been passionate about using safe, natural ingredients to combat stressed, and irritated skin but wished for a more in-depth medical treatment plan (and dermatology destination) that took her lifestyle into account. Alexa co-founded Pore House to educate other patients on non-toxic topicals, holistic approaches and regimens that are more than skin deep.

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