Get to know Dr. Whitney Bowe

Get to know Dr. Whitney Bowe

When we set out to build Pore House, we knew that we needed a team of advisors that could help bring our vision of making dermatologic care accessible and enjoyable to life. We're so excited to introduce you to these incredibly talented and intelligent women over the next week. Say hello to our lead Physician Advisor, Dr. Whitney Bowe! Dr. Bowe is an internationally renowned dermatologist, author, scientist and one of the foremost thought leaders in the field of integrative dermatology and the gut-skin-brain connection. Her research has garnered media attention from CNN, BBC, the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. We sat down with Dr. Bowe to get to know her a little better!

Dr. Whitney Bowe, Pore House Lead Physician Advisor

Why did you choose dermatology as a specialty?

"While I was in medical school, I participated in an acne clinic where I met patients with severe acne, scarring, and disfiguring manifestations of this condition. Even as their physical scars improved through treatment, the emotional scars from this condition persisted. But slowly, and with some encouragement, as the treatments truly started to work, I watched a transformation occur. I saw their confidence and self-esteem restored. I loved being a part of that — that ability to empower others to look and feel their most healthy, and be the best versions of themselves. It was obvious to me that I needed to pursue this incredible field that could change lives in such a tangible and meaningful way — with knowledge about the physical and kindness about the emotional."


Do you have any areas of dermatology that you are particularly interested in?

"I am fascinated by the intimate relationship between the gut, brain, and skin, and have spent extensive time researching the gut-brain-skin axis. I look at skin within the context of your entire body’s overall health, taking an “integrative” approach to skin health, which takes into consideration diet, fitness, sleep and stress levels. I also specialize in skin rejuvenation, laser dermatology, and the link between nutrition and skincare."


What is one adjective that your patients would use to describe you?

"Most of my patients sought me out because I’m a trailblazer, always on the cutting edge.  However, I believe I have the loyal patient following that I do because of my kindness and empathy.  I deeply care about each one of my patients, and they feel that deep sense of connection and know that, when they are in the room with me, they have my complete focus."


Tell us about your personal skincare routine.

"I start every morning with a cup of coffee and a splash of non-dairy milk, as dairy milk can cause inflammation in the skin.  After my workout, which cycles between days of pilates, yoga, cardio, and strength training, I apply my Vitamin C serum followed by a moisturizer that ideally contains prebiotics, then a sunscreen.  Sometimes I use a moisturizing sunscreen to simplify the routine even further.  I usually eat a low glycemic load breakfast accompanied by antioxidant-rich tea. In the evenings, I rotate through active serums using a very intentional approach that optimizes my skin’s health.  I actually share my routines regularly with my followers on my Instagram channel @drwhitneybowe"


What is your favorite wellness routine or favorite way to de-stress?  

"When I work out, I perform better in every area of my life. And working out now includes mindfulness, yoga, stretching and meditation – not just the intense cardio I was previously hooked on for years. I also love spending mother-daughter time. My favorite part of each day is going on long walks with my daughter, Maclane, which has become a regular part our routine since the COVID pandemic began. We get our heart rate up, soak in nature, and talk all about what book she’s reading or what happened that day."


Any other fun facts you’d like us to include?


"I absolutely break out in the occasional 80’s dance party with my family.  I take my job very seriously, but at home I love to be silly, warm and spontaneous.  My husband and I hold hands every night while we watch Netflix, and the three of us love snuggling in bed together on the weekends hearing about Maclane’s dreams.  Our home is filled with love and laughter, and I feel so blessed to come home to my family every night."

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