So, What's the Weirdest Place You've Ever Had A Pimple?

So, What's the Weirdest Place You've Ever Had A Pimple?

It's a weird age we live in. Everything is edited beyond recognition. Beauty influencers use a filter while touting their skincare routine. Models and influencers swear by the hottest new product, one they’ve likely never touched. Editing and celebrity culture blur the line between Instagram and reality. Online, it's easy to lose sight of what's real or even relevant. One common nuisance that everyone (celebrity or otherwise) goes great lengths to hide is acne. 

Acne is a nearly universal experience, affecting 90% of people at one point or another.  We’ve all been subject to these unwelcome visitors, yet there appears to be no singular cut and dry solution. Nor place, it seems!

Speaking of acne, we recently asked you (our friends, family, followers, patients, and providers) the weirdest place you have ever had acne, and you did not disappoint! 

We love your honesty, too - that’s why we’re here, to create a space where you feel comfortable talking about your most intimate, embarrassing and sometimes even gross skin woes. 

Here is the list of the top five strangest places people have had acne. 

Your Butt

We’ve all heard of bacne, but may we introduce buttne? Yup, it's a thing, and while we hate to admit, I’m sure we’ve all made at least one encounter during bikini season (yeah, no thank you). 

In most parts of the world, summers are tough. Your thighs can chafe, your skin can produce excess oil, AND you can develop butt acne. 

Even as colder weather rolls around, the threat of buttne looms (We are cringe laughing too). Yes, you look great in those leggings. No, you shouldn't wear them for a week straight. Tight clothing can lock in moisture, letting acne-causing bacteria accumulate. 

The good news is that it's preventable. Bacterial folliculitis, which is usually the cause of this acne, can be cured with benzoyl peroxide washes. You can even apply an anti-dandruff shampoo on the acne for the alphabet song's length and then rinse it off. 

Butt please, do not physically exfoliate that acne. That's a no-no! 

Your Labia

Your lady parts are as sacred as they are sensitive, and they deserve all the care in the world. 

Your vagina and labia are well-equipped to clean themselves regularly. They do not need any deodorants or special washes. These "nice-smelling" products can often alter the labia's pH and, in turn, cause acne and other hormonal malfunctions. 

Shave or wax with clean equipment because *duh*. This is where most nasty bacteria reside.

Try to keep your skin as clean as possible, using only water. Wash and change gym clothes regularly. Take care of your labia; you only have one. 

Inside Your Ear 

Just reading the title made us wince.

Your ears have sweat glands called sebaceous glands, which secrete natural oils. If these oils are clogged, the outer ear can develop whiteheads (milia) or blackheads. 

Trapping of oil usually occurs as a consequence of wearing your earphones for too long, or sharing an earbud with that cute guy you met on the subway (Just, don’t). These can cause ear acne to develop. 

Cleaning of the ear softly with a cotton bud once every two weeks is enough to keep the ears healthy and sharp. Acne in the ear usually heals by itself if left untouched. Some more aggressive forms can be treated with a topical retinoid. If the acne still doesn't subside, see a doctor right away. 

Your Back

Arguably the most annoying form of acne is the dreaded back acne (or backne). Heat, sweat, and clothes that look sexy but are too tight are all some of the major reasons why you develop back acne. These can be itchy and annoying because you can never reach that spot!

Another culprit of back acne is your shampoo. If you have sensitive skin, check for sodium lauryl sulfate and ammonium lauryl sulfate on your bottle’s label. Also known as “detergents”, these can clog your pores and cause a breakout. 

Your Scalp

Scalp acne is rare, but it can happen. Sweat and collection of sebum can make the scalp dirty and cause small, painful red bumps to appear on the scalp's surface. 

But there's an easy fix. Washing the body parts with a mild salicylic acid cleanser can help reduce acne's appearance by exfoliating dead skin cells and keeping sebum at bay, preventing future breakouts. 

Your Armpit

Ouch, that's gotta hurt! Strangely common, these flesh-colored bumps are not harmful, just very itchy. Shaving and sebum collection in the ingrown armpit hairs are some of the most common acne causes on this body part. 

However, there’s an easy solution. Avoid ingrown hairs by using clean, disposable razors when you shave, and follow with an aloe vera gel  

These acne bumps usually heal on their own. 

The point is: we’ve all had pimples in weird places.

Acne is common, yet curable. Everyone’s skin is different, and with that comes a different set of needs. In an increasingly social media-driven age, comes an increase in comparison. It’s easy to feel isolated in your skin concerns amid a heavily filtered world. We know what it’s like to be traveling solo on your skincare journey, and that’s why we created Pore House to be your round-the-clock resource for skin health. We're here to help treat every butt, back and ear pimple you find - and more importantly, we'll be your cheerleader along the way, ensuring you don't feel so alone. When dermatology is accessible and has your back 24/7 with secure messaging, it’s easy to feel at home.

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